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Mission, Vision, and Values


Our mission is to help the governments and societies build a sustainably secure, prosperous and just world. We pursue our mission through dialogue, analysis and solutions-based ideas, and by empowering the next generation to build a better world.


Our vision is to provide leadership for change and help organizations to develop leadership capabilities for the same goal. In order to realize this vision we aim for connecting with those interested in our services in the region and support them. 



The independence of our thinking, as much as its rigor and creativity, is what makes us influential. 

Inclusivity and diversity: 
We ground our analysis and solutions in an inclusive approach. We bring diverse voices to the table to find common solutions to the most challenging problems. We  ensure our research and outputs are widely accessible, so people can raise their own voice in regional and global issues. 

Cooperation is a core competence for the DKI family. It inspires our relationships with associates, partners and supporters and help us develop regional and global networks to find positive, durable and sustainable solutions to policy challenges. 

"I do not think that it is necessary to get into politics in order to develop the nation which can be done by sharing our researched visions and suggestions under a framework of media accountability with public leaders, who must take them into consideration." 

Er. Dipendra Kandel