Dipendra Kandel Initiative

What We Do


Research constitutes the backbone of the work we carry out at the organization. By conducting a through field study and reviewing quality sources we can develop a researched opinion which latter constitutes the foundation of our policy recommendation, aimed at empowering both the government and society... Click Here

DK - Diplomacy

In our think tank we understand economic diplomacy as the encouragement and development of bilateral and multilateral diplomatic ties through projects aimed at the increase of wealth. Our projects focus on creating stakeholders’ synergies that extended beyond the short term, gearing participating actors with the framework needed to foster economic revenues...   Click Here                                       

Executive Education

Executive Education is understood by our organization as the continuous education of public leaders (government or nongovernment) in order to enhance their public policy and governance skills... Click Here

DK - Election

At the Dipendra Kandel Initiative we understand Election Observation as the set of observation activities conducted by a third-party within the framework of a local, regional, state, or international election. Those activities are electorate drafting observation, electoral campaign observation, polling observation, vote counting observation, electoral system procedures observation, and vote tabulation observation, among others... Click Here


After conducting our research and projects, we publish all our material (drafts, reports, articles, summaries, memorandums...) in order to disseminate knowledge and provide access to quality information to those interested. Please feel free to check our publications and do not hesitate to contact us should you have any query or suggestion.... Click Here

Public Events

Organizing public events is a smart way to raise awareness on our think tank projects and fields of interest. In this sense, the Dipendra Kandel Initiative engages with local and international actors in order to conduct events where key know-how is shared in order to further pursue development and empowerment. As a side effect, by conducting these events we foster diplomatic ties and engagement... Click Here


If you are interested in the work conducted at our think tank and want to enhance your career by acquiring experience in public policy, political sciences, international relations… please check all the internship opportunities available in our organization...  Click Here


We contribute to the empowerment of Nepalese youth supplying local schools and kindergartens with associate volunteer teachers. Do you want to live an unforgettable experience while helping the local community? Do not hesitate to check our volunteering opportunities.... Click Here


According to our values, right to quality education is vital. In this sense, we help all students realize their dreams by assisting them in the process of obtaining scholarships. We offer aid through a wide array of channels...Click Here