Dipendra Kandel Initiative

About Us

The Dipendra Kandel Initiative is a think tank-based non-governmental organization dedicated to rigorous research, analysis, and advocacy in the realm of public policy. Established with a commitment to fostering informed decision-making and empowering governments, people, and society at large, we strive to create positive change through evidence-based research and policy recommendations.

The Dipendra Kandel Initiative has three main targets: government, society, and people. In order to achieve its goal, the think tank takes on a wide array of projects that aim to develop the political, economic, and social facets of the aforementioned. The work of the organization includes, but is not limited to research, diplomacy, executive education, election observation, voluntourism, humanitarian, expatriates, and public events.

Our organization collaborates with a wide array of state, regional, and local stakeholders at an international level as to implement our projects and create bilateral and multilateral synergies that can empower governments, societies, and people. The extensive research conducted by the think tank results in policy recommendations for stakeholders to improve governance through development projects and empowerment efforts. The global scope and multinational team of the organization allows it to be engaged with actors and projects with a similar mission and vision.

Our Through our dedication to rigorous research, strategic partnerships, and advocacy efforts, we have contributed to meaningful changes in policy formulation, improved governance structures, and empowered communities to actively engage in decision-making processes.

At Dipendra Kandel Initiative, we envision a world where informed policies drive societal progress and empower individuals and communities to thrive.

Empowering Government, People, and Society

Our projects are designed to bridge the gap between research and action. By producing policy briefs, white papers, and recommendations, we empower governments to make informed policy decisions that positively impact citizens. Moreover, we strive to engage with communities, fostering civic participation and empowerment, ultimately leading to a more inclusive and responsive society.

"I do not think that it is necessary to get into politics in order to develop the nation which can be done by sharing our researched visions and suggestions under a framework of media accountability with public leaders, who must take them into consideration." 

Er. Dipendra Kandel