Dipendra Kandel Initiative
  • Technocratic Diplomacy

    The globalized reality we live in requires us to engage in active learning and adapting to change. Therefore, all our work is conducted with an international mindset and a technocratic approach. 

    In the long run, we wish to increase international cooperation and technocratic practices across the public and private sector.


The Dipendra Kandel Initiative volunteers are the heart of the Organization, providing professional and clerical skills, time, energy, and personal commitment to improving education, sport, culture, aviation, protocols, passengers' rights, fighting diseases, and building hope.  

Also, we offer voluntourism programs, which is a combination of volunteering and tourism, which is a combination of volunteering and tourism, which is a popular form of international travel. In these programs, you can use your time and energy to help others while exploring different places and our culture in Nepal. 

At Dipendra Kandel Initiative, we take volunteer tourism a step further:

> We provide an excellent standard of safety, helping you fulfill your potential and create positive change in the world. 

> We believe in long-term, sustainable solutions, and work directly with local communities. To help achieve this, we have the support of passionate volunteers like you. 

> Each of our programs offers a hassle-free experience. 

Empowering Sports, Shaping -the- Society
Empowering Youths, Shaping -the- Technocrats
Empowering Schools, Shaping -the- Education
Empowering Aviation, Shaping -the- Travel
Empowering Aviation Passengers, Shaping -the- Flight
Empowering Hospitals, Shaping -the- Public Health

Get Involved

We look forward to hearing from you! If you are interested in participating in our volunteering or voluntourism programs, please contact us