Dipendra Kandel Initiative

Executive President's Message

"Dear Friends, Dear Members, Supporters, and Visionaries,

As the Executive President of the Dipendra Kandel Initiative, I am honored to lead a team of dedicated individuals in reshaping Nepal's public policy landscape through innovation. Our journey is driven by a collective commitment to instigate profound change at all levels of society. Guided by a visionary approach, we actively shape policy decisions, raise awareness, and execute transformative projects.

Our unique structure, seamlessly blending non-remunerated executives with dynamic, non-paid interns and volunteers, reflects a grassroots dedication to innovation. This living philosophy propels us toward a future where meticulously researched policies and implemented projects serve as guiding lights for positive transformations in Nepal.

We go beyond traditional roles, actively engaging in collaborative efforts to shape policies that transcend boundaries. In doing so, we foster a sense of ownership and creativity in addressing societal challenges. Our commitment to groundbreaking research and implementation is underscored by a blend of visionary leadership and dynamic, committed contributors.

The Dipendra Kandel Initiative isn't just a concept; it's a driving force that permeates every aspect of our mission. We envision a future where positive change is not only imagined but actively achieved. As we chart our transformative course, we become a beacon for those seeking to catalyze positive change, exemplifying the potential for innovative approaches to address societal challenges.

I invite you to join us on this visionary journey. Together, let's create a tangible and sustainable path toward a future where innovation in public policy is not just a goal but a lived reality in Nepal.

With gratitude and determination,

Er. Dipendra Kandel 

Executive President

"I do not think that it is necessary to get into politics in order to develop the nation which can be done by sharing our researched visions and suggestions under a framework of media accountability with public leaders, who must take them into consideration." 

Er. Dipendra Kandel