Dipendra Kandel Initiative
  • Technocratic Diplomacy

    The globalized reality we live in requires us to engage in active learning and adapting to change. Therefore, all our work is conducted with an international mindset and a technocratic approach. 

    In the long run, we wish to increase international cooperation and technocratic practices across the public and private sector.

Social, Well-being and Happiness

Social policies traditionally encompass cultural aspects and society rights. As an innovative think tank, the Dipendra Kandel Initiative includes well-being and happiness research in the social scope.

According to our organization, individuals’ empowerment must be conducted by adopting a holistic approach which takes into account both external and internal inputs. In this sense, making sure that all factors leading to the enjoyment of a plenty and happy life are dealt through the institutional level is of upmost relevance.

The Dipendra Kandel Initiative undertakes Social, well-being and happiness research as to draft government policy recommendations aimed to foster the general internal well-being and coexistence of members in a society.

Social, well-being, and happiness research focuses on: Poverty reduction, social security, justice, unemployment Insurance, living conditions, happiness & well-being, psychological education & aid, pensions, social housing, family policy, social care, child protection, criminal justice, human rights, minority rights, gender equality…

Research Parameters
Research Parameters


Adult literacy rate

Mean years of schooling (ISCED 1 or higher)

GDP per capita, PPP (constant 2011 international $)

Unemployment rate (%)

Youth not in employment, education or training (NEET) (%)

Gender Parity

Women-to-men ration in parliament (%)

Educational attainment: at least completed upper secondary, 25+ years, GPI

Labor force participation rate, female-to-male ratio