Dipendra Kandel Initiative

Research & Development

The DKI undertakes research on R&D to draft government policy recommendations for development and innovative industrialization in the country. 

Research, Development, and Innovation research focuses on: Entrepreneurship, sectorial diversification and modernisation, scientific and human resources attraction, technology & Know-how, research, technology development, and innovation investment, knowledge and information rights…

Research Parameters
Research Parameters

Research and Development         

Research and Development Inputs

GERD (% of GDP)

GERD per researcher (constant '000 PPP$)

Researchers per thousand labor force (HC)

Graduates from STEM programmes, tertiary (%)

High-technology net imports (% of total trade)

Research and Development Outputs

Average documents per researcher 

Citations per document

Citable documents  H index

Best scientific journal (SJR ranking)

Quality of research institutions

Patent applications (per million inhabitants)

Social Innovation

Inputs of Social Innovation

Ease of protecting minority investors

Joint venture per strategic alliance deals

ICT goods imported (% of total imports)

Total computer software spending (% of GDP)

New business density

Outputs of Social Innovation

Trademark applications (per billion PPP$ GDP)

National feature films produced (per million inhabitants)

Printing and publishing manufactures (% of manufactured output)

ICT goods exporter (% of total exports)

Innovation In Production

Inputs of Innovation in Production

GERD performed by business enterprises (% of GDP)

GERD financed by business enterprises (%)

Researchers (HC) in business enterprise (%)

FDI and technology transfer

Outputs of Innovation in Production

Intellectual property receipts (% of total trade)

Industrial design applications (per billion PPP$ GDP)

Production process sophistication

Extent of marketing