Dipendra Kandel Initiative

Information & Communication Technology

The organization aims to implement smart ICT systems and infrastructure for industrialization and digitization of the society by recommending policies to the government. 

ICT Research focuses on: ICT Infrastructure (hardware, software, internet access, etc.), communication technologies, data, cloud computing, access to technology, human capabilities & training, locally relevant content, applications, and services, trust in technology, legal and regulatory frameworks…

Research Parameters
Research Parameters

ICT Outputs


Fixed-telephone subscriptions (per 100 inhabitants)

Mobile-cellular subscriptions (per 100 inhabitants)

Fixed-broadband subscriptions (per 100 inhabitants)

Active mobile-broadband subscriptions (per 100 inhabitants)

Usage by individuals

Internet users (%)

Use of virtual social networks

Business-to-consumer Internet use

Usage by Government and Institutions

Firms-level technology absorption

Government Online Service Index

Government success in ICT promotion

Unlicensed software installation rates

Impact on Development

ICT PCT patent applications (per million inhabitants)

Impact of ICTs on business models

Social impacts of ICT

ICT Inputs 


Population covered by mobile-cellular networks (%)

International Internet bandwidth per Internet user (Kbit/s)

Secure Internet servers (per million inhabitants)

Sector Competitiveness

ICT Price Basket

Internet and telephony level of competition

Laws relation to ICTs