Dipendra Kandel Initiative

Executive Education

As a leading think tank in Nepal, we believe a multidisciplinary approach and understanding is fundamental to our future generations across sectors, corporations and organizations. The DKI focuses on enhancing the knowledge of government and non-government leaders by training them to develop skills in public policy, leadership, public management, strategic planning and financial management. The goal is helping the institutions to realize their potential to the fullest. 


We want our executive education participants to develop their critical thinking skills and other important skills to generate, refine and apply the best solutions to existing problems to eliminate any barriers to the development of the education sector.

"DKI participants are a community of unique national, regional and global influence. A distinguished network of change makers - individuals driven by intellectual curiosity and the desire to tackle the most complex issues of the region." 

Dipendra Kandel, Er.

  Deeply influential

Our executive education participants learn from and with some of the most influential people in the region: faculty who are at the forefront of cutting-edge thinking on public policy, and peers who are current and future global managers and leaders.

 They join a community defined by a depth of influence, excellence and success.

Powerfully interconnected

At DKI we understand the interconnectedness of public policy, geopolitics and socioeconomics, Abd we know that managing this interconnectedness underpins the success or failure of politics around the region.   

The interdisciplinary approach ensures that participants experience a bigger and more integrated picture since there is no public policy institute in Nepal. It delivers a holistic understanding. We want to enable our future generation to look at the bigger picture. We want to challenge participants to develop deeper and build a more unified awareness; to make all the connections and see the broader opportunities. 

It is our fundamental belief that the broader the base of the pyramid, the higher the apex. And it is our uniquely interconnected approach that develops truly rounded national, regional and global leaders.

"The world is not arranged nearly into disciplines or subject areas. Making sense of things means grasping the complex interconnectedness of public policy, geopolitics and socioeconomics. It's about broadening your understanding in order to sharpen your focus." 

Dipendra Kandel, Er.