Dipendra Kandel Initiative

Election Policy and Administration

The Dipendra Kandel Election Program works globally to support democratic elections and strengthen participatory democracy, consistent with human rights. The overarching objective is to enhance democratic and increase effective political participation for all, especially groups that have been historically disadvantaged or that face political, cultural, or socioeconomic barriers. This includes women, racial and ethnic minorities, indigenous persons, disable people, youth, elderly people, and other marginalized groups. 

Observing Elections

Impartial, credible election observers play a key role in shaping perceptions about the quality and legitimacy of electoral processes. The Dipendra Kandel Initiative has been monitoring 4 elections in Africa, Asia, and Europe since 2018 and forging many of the techniques now common to the field. To ensure a meaningful, non partisan role for its election observation activities, the Dipendra Kandel Initiative must be invited by a country's election authorities and welcomed by the major political parties.  

Advancing Democratic Governance 

One or two democratic elections cannot change a country's political culture. Recognizing that democratic transitions are long processes, the DKI works in targeted countries to strengthen the foundations governance through a range of problems: deploying international observers to monitor political transitions and peace implementation processes; advocating for key democratic and electoral reforms. To support these initiatives, the DKI has developed a series of best-practice tools and training resources for international and domestic observers, civil society groups, and other key stakeholders. 

Strengthening Civil Society

Effective democratic government that servers its citizens is bolstered by strong nonpartisan civil society observation organizations that can strengthen the credibility of governments, promote equal political participation, expose corruption, and foster confidence in democratic processes and institutions. Because of this, the DKI works in different countries to provide a range of training and support to local civil society organizations that engage in these efforts. 


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