Dipendra Kandel Initiative
  • Technocratic Diplomacy

    The globalized reality we live in requires us to engage in active learning and adapting to change. Therefore, all our work is conducted with an international mindset and a technocratic approach. 

    In the long run, we wish to increase international cooperation and technocratic practices across the public and private sector.

Tourism Diplomacy

Our think tank understands how important tourism diplomacy is for building economic, sport, and education relations. Tourism diplomacy provides a platform for cultural heritages to be shared and appreciated across borders. It creates a sense of much needed inclusivity in an ever-globalising world. 

DKI is working to collaborate with ambassadors across the world to introduce brochures of Nepal’s best tourist offerings in order to promote local tourism, economic, and social trade. Nepal has 8 out of 10 highest peaks in the world and holds the status of several UNESCO world heritage sites. 

The DKI is also working to collaborate with its own countries' ambassadors to print and distribute partnered countries' brochures to promote local tourism, economic, and social trade in their own respective countries.


If you are interested in our program, please contact us.