Dipendra Kandel Initiative
  • Technocratic Diplomacy

    The globalized reality we live in requires us to engage in active learning and adapting to change. Therefore, all our work is conducted with an international mindset and a technocratic approach. 

    In the long run, we wish to increase international cooperation and technocratic practices across the public and private sector.

Sports Diplomacy

Our think tank understands the importance sports diplomacy is having in an ever-globalising world.

Sports diplomacy facilitates exciting opportunities for scholars and sport fanatics to experience a sport different to the traditional ones available in their own respective countries. It is an opportunity for cultures to mix and be understood on the field, court, or pitch. 

Sports diplomacy represents the ground-level changes that can often offer simple solutions of diplomacy to extremely complex problems. Excitement, passion, and determination are all elements that can be built from the introduction of sport programs. Sports diplomacy is an exciting opportunity for anyone wanting to share sports and cultural diplomacy in a practical setting. 

Building resilience through diplomacy on and off the field. 


If you are interested in our program, please contact us.