Dipendra Kandel Initiative

City Twinning

At the DKI, we engage in city twinning projects in order to pursue development and innovation which has a positive impact on citizens by empowering them.

Prior to executive engagement, we carry out extensive research to identify potential synergies between cities, based on project potential, which considers regional specific synergies. Once synergies are realized, we liaise with local stakeholders directly or through public events to organize supervised B2Bs to further explore the possibilities of city twinning. If all parties deem it fit, a gradual approach of the government and citizenship communities is conducted through the performance of bilateral projects. 

Finally, after the exploratory period, if both parties deem it fit, the city twinning is registered. Please note that our organization keeps track of twinned cities and assists their smooth relationship and project planning and execution.

Our twin cities projects focus on the following synergies:

Political Synergies

Common policies, joint governance, bureaucratic facilitation, data sharing… bureaucratic facilitation, data sharing…

Economic Synergies

Investment, infrastructure building, trade, business approach…

Social Synergies

Tourism facilitation, cultural events, cultural centers, sporting events & cooperation…


If you are interested in our program, please contact us.