Dipendra Kandel Initiative

Trade and Commerce

Increasing trade and commerce has a positive impact on economic development. Additionally it tends to allocate more relevance into the third sector of the economy, traditionally associated with late stage industrialized economies.

By increasing trade and commerce, a market increase in supply can be observed and resources are allocated more accurately, providing individuals, both consumers and producers, with greater economic choices. Thus, at the Dipendra Kandel Initiative we deliver on trade and commerce projects by fostering conditions of interested actors through projects.


Trade Facilitation

Helping actors integrate into global value chains (GVCs) through targeted reforms and investments.

Trade Agreements

Advising actors on their technical details and supporting implementation of commitments made through these agreements.

Trade and Competitiveness

Raising awareness on the relevance of trade policies under the framework of public policy drafters & stakeholders, and assisting them if necessary.

Aid for Trade

Assisting actors to obtain aid through trade multilateral institutions, such as the Bank.

Market and Competitiveness Policy

Encouraging growth and shared prosperity by opening and transforming markets.

Trade and Social Synergies

Putting in contact actors seeking to increase their trade & commerce output through direct B2Bs or event organization, building commercial networks.


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