Dipendra Kandel Initiative
  • Technocratic Diplomacy

    The globalized reality we live in requires us to engage in active learning and adapting to change. Therefore, all our work is conducted with an international mindset and a technocratic approach. 

    In the long run, we wish to increase international cooperation and technocratic practices across the public and private sector.

Economic Diplomacy

In our think tank we understand economic diplomacy as the encouragement and development of bilateral and multilateral diplomatic ties through projects aimed at the increase of wealth.

Our projects focus on creating stakeholders’ synergies that extended beyond the short term, gearing participating actors with the framework needed to foster economic revenues.

On a more specific scale, the aforementioned projects tackle concrete areas that are critical for government & social development and enabling private sector revenues.

Among others, we focus on the following areas of economic diplomacy, which have a direct impact on their respective economic indicators.

  • City Twinning: Policy coordination & project management.
  • Trade & Commerce: Offer & demand allocation & market revenues.
  • Foreign Direct Investment: Economic activation, bilateral cooperation, and enabling business environment.
  • Technology Transfer: Technological & know-how development
  • Construction Technology: Infrastructural development.

It is particularly important to state that our projects act as a trigger, and while our organization is eager to cooperate with all stakeholders in the spectrum in order to keep up with economic diplomacy activities, our ultimate goal is to foster independence and cooperation on the pursuit of economic revenues and development, moving thus beyond the traditional development aid approach.

Please feel free to contact us should you want to engage in any of our economic diplomacy projects as per the specified in our website.


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