Dipendra Kandel Initiative

President's Message

Dear visitor,


I want to humbly extend to you personally my most sincere gratefulness for your interest at our organization.

At the Dipendra Kandel Initiative we work for societal empowerment through the stakeholders. However, none of this would be possible if it were not for the amazing people who, like you, contribute to make this beautiful initiative bigger.


Where do we come from?

I always wanted to do something for this world. That feeling led me to found the Kandel Foundation in 2015, an NGO empowering youth by the promotion of education and sports.

In only one year, after realizing the potential empowering people has, I became determined to have an impact beyond my country, and by 2016 I moved to Dubai to study Public Administration & Governance.

After obtaining a much-needed public background I founded this beautiful initiative in 2018, which has grown ever since.


Where are we at?

Through the work of this Think Tank, we aim to have an impact on individual’s lives by gearing the government and governance structure of countries in Asia and Africa, focusing on development and providing opportunities to the people.


Where are we headed to?

Our intention is to be able to reach as many societies and governments as possible. However, to do so, everybody needs to contribute by providing their little contribution.

We encourage all readers to become involved with our work by raising awareness and engaging with our projects, and we will always have an open mindset regarding any kind of proposal or request.